Sunday, October 12, 2014

New River Trail 50k

The race set off at a drizzly 8 am and opened up with a flat first mile. And a flat second mile. And a flat third mile. And continued to be flat for the entire duration of the race. I think my 20 minute run to Kroger and back the night before to pick up strawberry milk had more elevation than this race did. Besides the first two miles, Keely and I ran the first 14 together. About a mile and a half before the turn around, Keely and I parted ways. I got to the turn-around (15.94 miles) at 2:37. I hated the 4 miles to the aid station at mile 20, hated the next 6 miles to the last aid station, and hated the last 5 miles to the finish. From mile 20 on, I found myself TRYING to hallucinate. I would have made the race much more interesting but instead I just thought about how far I was from the finish line the entire second half. The most interesting thing that happened in this time was finding my hair tie at mile 27 that I dropped at mile 3. I have to give a personal shout out to Will McGowan though, who met me at mile 28 and ran a mile and a half with me in chacos and khakis before running ahead to watch me cross the finish line. Thanks a TON! 

32 miles in 5:08, negative splitted (2:37/2:31), 10th female finisher, 25th finisher overall. Never doin’ this race again.

*Shout out to Adrienne who made this her first 50k, what an awful first look into ultras but I’m so happy you killed it!

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